These links are for teacher use. Most are free and easy to use in your classroom. Enjoy!

* Why use technology in the classroom? Let the kids tell you why.

Tools for Your Classroom

Triptico: e-Learning Design: Free resources!

The History 2.0 Classroom: Using technology tools in your classroom

Go To Web 2.0: Web Application Index, 100's of sites!

School Tube: short educational videos

My Studiyo:  Easy quiz maker!

Ediscio: Flash cards on-line

Rubistar: create rubrics for your assessments

Quiz Star: Make your own quizzes

Teacher Tackle Box: Find lessons & helpful sites

Quizlet: Create flash card games for your students 

Twiddla: Free interactive white board!

Spelling City: Create spelling list and quiz your students

*Pixton: Create fun comic strips!

Visual Dictionarygreat diagrams – parts  labeled

Wordnick: comprehensive dictionary

One Across: crossword puzzle helper

Research Tools: 

Eye Plorer: A unique way to search!

Library Spot: Find anything!

Komando: Computer tips and cool sites

* Wolframalpha: computes the answer to questions or calculations – really cool!

ELA & World Language Teachers:

ForvoForvo is the largest pronunciation guide in the world.

Text 2 Mind: Convert your lists of words into a mind map.

Key to School: Free and easy to use Moodle for the classroom. 

Wordle: Create Word Clouds

Readprint: Free online books Free online books and magazines

Feedbooks: Free online books

Project Gutenberg: Free ebooks

Bartleby: Free books online

Writeboard: Write, share, revise, compare

VocabAhead: fun videos for vocabulary lessons.

Math Teachers: 

Math TV: Math help videos

Interactive Math: Several interactive sites that can be used in the classroom and at home. 

Math Dictionary for Kids: Very cute graphics!

Social Studies Teachers: 

Scribble Maps: how to make and share maps

Newseum: interactive museum and newspaper front pages from around the world

Science Teachers: 

Windows To the Universe: Interactive Science site

Science Museum: Bring science to life and life to science

Live Science: Keep up to date on science news

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