Story Book options:

Story Bird  Easy to use storybook maker. You have an account with your first initial and last name. Some of you will have to put "2" at the end. You have to ask me for your special code to log into my class the first time. The change your password to "summer".

Story Jumper A little more challenging storybook maker, log into my class using your my class code (593-0282).  Then click on your name. Enter "summer" for the password. Have fun! From home log in to this address. You will need  your special password, that I have send home with you. 

ToonDoo Easy to use cartoon or comic strip maker. Tell  your story using this fun format. This does not have a classroom to join. You would make your own account.

Pixton Join my class to create a fun creative comic strip. This is a more challenging program.  Log into my class using your student id (first initial, last name) and password (summer). Some names were already used, so you may have to ask me for your user name. 

You can email me anytime for help!


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